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Microsoft – CIM Lives

By John | May 6, 2008

I have always been impressed with Microsoft’s early adoption of CIM (ala. WMI). While everyone else was talking the talk back in the day Microsoft was getting it done with WMI. ESM and performance guys like me were able to make a lot of use out of Microsoft’s WMI implementation specifically with thier encapsulation of Perfmon.  We can all agree there is a lot to be desired of how Microsoft’s OS’s perform.  However, sorry to say guys (IBM, Linux, and others) Microsft actually has had and still has the most advanced architecture for managing their operating system (ala WMI).

So the other day when I noticed a posting by the 451 Group that says that Microsoft is going to dive into OpenPegasus I had to chuckle a little. This is something IBM/Tivoli was supposed to do over 5 years ago but in the end they bailed becuase Pegasus was ‘C” based not Java – Jeees Louise guys .  They eventually added Pegasus  into AIX but at one point Tivoli was seriously planing on using Pegasus as an all encompassing wrapper for all native CIM implementation (including WMI).  At the time IBM’s Stalin’esk approach to all thing being Java forced the forward thinking IBM/Tivoli folks to can the Pegasus project.  The funny part is that now a lot of the Micromuse stuff is C based anyway and they have no choice to break the noJava rule (can you say 1 billion dollar investment = not Java is ok).

In the end you can say what you want about Microsoft but they, IMHO, have always been way ahead of the curve on ESM with WMI.

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