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Wasup – The Debate Rages on…

By John | October 16, 2007

I tend to agree with John G, a single tool is key to sharing

Tivoli knowledge.
How about the ability to centrally access Tivoli information/posts from
various tools/locations (wiki’s, boards etc) all from 1 tool or site.
It could be a ‘Tivoli bot’ of some sort.
I’ve found most SN’s to be a waste of time.
…….why is facebook’s alias known as ‘crackbook’?
SN’s with a technical flair, such as John Willis endorses may useful for me
if enough folks use it.
Big challenge for many users accessing the SN sites from work is that they
are usually blocked.
As John W. mentioned, the Dopplr component seems pretty neat.
Aside from possible nefarious uses, it would be nice to find out if anybody
you know will be at/near the destination your headed to so you can have a
beer together.


As one of the many folks on this list working for “the man”, this new era
of social networking hasn’t been embraced by my firm.

I know our firewall rules have been the butt of numerous jokes, such as
“Humor content is forbidden” when hitting and the wtf-invoking
“Business content is forbidden” when hitting a Nokia cell phone page.
Nevertheless, when I try to hit Facebook and/or Twitter from my office PC,
I’m blocked with:

“Under the current IT Risk standards, is considered to
be in one of the following categories: Dating/Social .”
“Under the current IT Risk standards, is considered to
be in one of the following categories: Dating/Social .”

I don’t want to have the conversation with HR or ITRisk where I try to
explain that I’m not interested in dating John Willis…..

Until then, I’ll be on LinkedIn (which strangely enough IS permitted) and
the TME10 list.



Truth be told I spend more time on twitter than facebook (facebook has a twitter interface). Facebook is definitely kludgey with all that how did you meet stuff. I wish there were a facebook for professionals. However, facebook has a lot of potential with the groups and networks. For example a lot of the OSS conferences I have been going to always setup a facebook group so that the participants can discuss the conference before it starts. I have used it to setup quasi bof’s ahead of time.

IMHO, large corporations need to start embracing “Enterprise 2.0″ technologies and start trusting their employees. I talked to a IBM support rep in Italy that told me they are thinking of setting up a support island on Second Life. Again, IMHO, the game is changing.

btw, Jamie I would not be a cheap date. I have been drinking the 25 year old stuff.

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