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Yahoo Might be a Stretch Runner

By John | November 29, 2007

Is Yahoo now coming around the far turn and into the stretch?

Growing up in New York, I could not escape the popular sport of horse racing. I remember my uncle taking me to Belmont Racetrack when I was about eight years old. My first bet was on a horse that had the same names as me, Run-Johnny-Run. My uncle said that he would split the winnings with me if the horse won. image At the start of the race, Run-Johnny-Run was far behind the rest of the horses, but my uncle kept yelling, “Don’t worry. He’s a stretch runner.” I had no idea what he was talking about, but, as soon as I could see the horses coming around the last turn, I saw our horse start to run from far behind at a steadily increasing pace. In the end, it was a photo finish, and we lost by a nose. These were two more phrases that were added to my childhood lexicon that day.

These days, all you ever hear about is Google this and Google that, and you always hear Yahoo referred to as an also ran (ha). About a week ago, I was telling a friend to watch out for Yahoo because it might be a stretch runner. Since then, I have been seeing a few interesting things coming from Yahoo. I know that I have Drupal and clouds on my brain these days, but the other day I posted on how Yahoo Research is using Drupal. I have also been thinking a lot about how Yahoo might eventually play in the new cloud computing disruption that Amacon’s EC2 and IBM’s Blue Cloud are causing. This might be an area where Yahoo could be a closer. Today, I saw a recent announcement about how Yahoo and Adobe have teamed up to put Yahoo adds in attached PDF files, and I thought, “Gee, I might have made a good bet with my comment to my friend.”

However, as most of my friends will tell you I often put the blinkers on when I start thinking about certain technologies and when it comes to gambling most of my fiends call me to find out who I like and then bet against it.

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