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Lean IT

By John | November 4, 2008

Maybe I have been asking the wrong questions. Instead of asking how will a CMDB work with commodity like infrastructures, (e.g., clouds), maybe the real question should be how do we adapt to get what we really need?

Rob England (The IT Skeptic) has an interesting article on ITSM Watch called “On Demand Data and the CMDB.” His article started me thinking, that maybe, with the advent of virtual infrastructures and parallelism we could do less up front and more on demand, thus allowing us to accomplish a lot more.  For example, a tool like Hadoop could be used to map all the IT configuration items (think Google search or semantic web). Then the heavy lifting could be done on demand with operational experts.

However, I think the thing I like most about his article is the “If it’s broke – Fix it” aspect.  In IT management I see a lot of companies doing the things they think they are supposed to do and not necessarily the things that work.

I’m guessing that “Lean IT” is more about isolating in on the value vs. just the thinning. I will definitely be blogging more on this subject…

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