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By John | September 14, 2007

Zenoss Releases Turnkey Application, Server, and Network Management Appliances
Turning up the heat in the little 4 run for the roses
Truth Happens | BEA: The latest open source schizophrenic
BEA get religion
IBM developerWorks : Blogs : The Innovation Capitalist
EnterpriseDB letting the NYT have it
Gartner: The Billion-Dollar Quadrant
The history of Gartner by Motley Fool
IBM’s QEDWiki Adds ‘Data as a Service’
First came SaaS, then CaaS, and now DaaS … MyaaS
» Open source in its boom phase | Open Source |
More OSS to the soup
» MySQL to get dynamic load balancing in 2008 | Open Source |
Becoming a real DBMS?

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