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Talking Back to Matt Asay

By John | August 14, 2007

A lot of things get me fired up, and Jack Welch is one of them. To keep it simple, I will limit this blog entry to a comment that I made on one of my favorite blogger’s site (although he is probably tired of me commenting on his site at this point!).
Hiring well, and keeping track | The Open Road – CNET Blogs

Here is my comment to the the above post:

Sounds like an awkward process to me.

I have had the great opportunity to manage people a few times in my career. In fact one of those times was under Jack Welch’s reign (way under). I am fairly certain if I would have tried to institute this kind of practice under Jack’s regime the HR police would have been all over me. Furthermore, I am also not sure I like the idea of putting another employee’s six month performance review on public display. Six months, IMO, is a little too early to fully appreciate a new employees contributions. Furthermore, this practice might cause a reverse effect where employees might over emphasize a new employee’s accomplishments.A true “Level 5” leader as described in Jim Collins “Good to Great” would create an environment of trusted managers and trust in the delegated environment they have created. This process would trickle down from great managers to trusted advisors where managers would not have to micro manage and second guess their decisions. In fact maybe, this is one of the many reasons that Jack didn’t pass the “Level 5” test in Jim’s book.

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