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When a “LivePerson” Goes Bad!

By John | February 1, 2008

My suspicion is that, if you are reading this blog site, you are a very busy person. How do I know this? I know this because, if you are coming here to read my posts, then you are interested in a very small niche of technology, and you would not have gotten here unless you were doing some really cool stuff. You are, therefore, probably very busy most of the time. I feel that I am very busy most of the time as well. When I go to a website, I am usually suspicions when I get a live chat person. In a split second, I have to decide whether it is going to be easier for me to just look at the web site pages or start a dialog with the “LivePerson.” I usually opt for the former, but, ever since my pleasant experience with April last year, I sometimes take a chance. Today was not a good day for taking that chance.

FYI… I have no ax to grind with these guys in fact I am very interested in some of the stuff they are doing. I just wanted to point out how sometimes “LivePerson” chat can be a complete waste of time.


This morning I was preparing for an upcoming podcast, and I decided to do a little research on Rackspace’s new Virtualization solution. I wanted to know how it was different from Mosso’s offering (which is a customer of Rackspace). I am not sure if their “LivePerson” sales chat is an indication of their service; however I do not recommend using their “LivePerson”.

In the end I wasted 30 minutes and the final answer I received was:

Erika: I am more of a generalist here
Erika: So I do not have all the information, but if you can provide me with your contact information I would be more than happy to have a specialist contact you with more information

Here is the complete dialog if you are interested.

Chat InformationWelcome to Rackspace. My name is Erika and I am a Live assistant. How may I help you today?
Erika: Hello, what brings you to our site today?
you: hi Erika
Erika: Hi :)
Erika: How can I help you?
you: I have some questions about your new virtual hosting stuff
you: what platforms?
Erika: Absolutely! Happy to help :)
you: Procing?
you: whoops pricing
Erika: As far as our virtualization offering, you would be able to operate on both windows and linux platform
you: any linux or a specific one
Erika: however it is a rather robust solution consisting of at least 2 servers and a hardware firewall
Erika: On a Linux box we preinstall/fully support Red Hat Linux, Apache 2, PHP, PERL, MYSQL, SMTP, SSH, BIND, GCC, PostgreSQL, Open SSH, Open SSL, Python, Sendmail, and Webmin. We give you full/root admin access via SSH, so you can upload/change/run anything you want onto the server just like the server was in your office.
you: when u say two servers and a fw do you mean three images
you: Hello
Erika: It is a dedicated virtualization solution meaning the whole config. would be dedicated to you but be virtualized
Erika: So it would be 2 fully dedicated servers and a hardware firewall
you: what is the cost?
you: also when you say dedicated do you mean physical or is it in a pool of other vservers
Erika: Physical
you: for example, 1 physical server, 2 virtual servers and a fw server?
you: are you multi-tasking?
you: hello
you: this was a waste of time.
you: Thanks
Erika: I am sorry
Erika: The solution would be 2 dedicated physical servers with one hardware firewall
you: why is that different from physical hosting?
you: also I am interested in cost
Erika: I am a generalist here so I do not have pricing on a configuration of that complexity, but if I can get your contact information: Name, email , company name, contact # I would be more than happy to have a specialist contact you for a detailed qutoe!
Erika: quote
you: what about my first question?
Erika: It is different because you can virtualize the solution and run on two separate OS
you: do you mean run more than one virt on one physical?
Erika: The solution is virtualized with 2 fully dedicated physical servers and one hardware firewal
you: if it is one phy= one virtual I don’t get how it is different from just getting two physicals?
you: am I wasting my time here and should we end this chat?
Erika: I am more of a generalist here
Erika: So I do not have all the information, but if you can provide me with your contact information I would be more than happy to have a specialist contact you with more information
Erika: Very nice to meet you John!
Erika: I will have someone contact you with more information!
Erika: have a great day! :)

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One Response to “When a “LivePerson” Goes Bad!”

  1. Rob Jackson Says:
    February 1st, 2008 at 12:46 pm


    Hi! I’m the product manager responsible for virtualization at Rackspace and would love to chat with you about our dedicated virtualization offering. Since you didn’t have the opportunity to speak to a specialist as part of your earlier interaction, I will do my best to satisfy your questions in your blog post.

    Our dedicated virtualization customers have dedicated physical hosts on which Rackspace will deploy multiple virtual machines specific to our customers’ needs. The physical host/hardware emulation layer is fully managed by Rackspace using a management infrastructure and Rackspace also fully supports our customers’ virtual machines (in the exact manner that we support traditional, physical machines. Our customers’ specific configurations (dedicated firewalls, load-balancers, Red Hat Enterprise Linux VMs vs Microsoft Server 2003 VMs per host, SAN storage, etc) are completely tailored for each customer. There are no shared physical hosts or firewalls as part of the offering.

    Costs: Each customer’s cost will be different based on these custom configurations. In general, customers who can consolidate multiple VMs per physical hosts can save anywhere from 10-30% compared to traditional hosting configs.

    I hope this helps.