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Jane Knows Network Management

By John | September 8, 2008

Jane Curry is a excellent Tivoli instructor over in the UK and a frequent presentor at Tivoli conferences. She has done an excellent job on a white paper comparing Nagios, OpenNMS, and Zenoss for network management and the bottom line is she picks Zenoss…

OpenNMS and Zenoss are both extremely competent products covering automatic
discovery, availability monitoring, problem management and performance
management and reporting. Zenoss has some topology mapping and has better
documentation but the code feels less reliable. OpenNMS currently has a rather
messy architecture around events, alarms and notifications, though this is said to be
under review. I also struggle to believe that you have to recycle the whole of
OpenNMS if you have changed a configuration file! The code feels very stable though.
My choice, hoping fervently that code reliability and documentation improves, is

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