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OpenDNS Baby, OpenDNS

By John | October 3, 2008

I am always late to the party. I actually used the defaults on my wireless network for over a year until I found out my neighbor was using my router (this was a few years back). However, a few weeks ago I read this post on tips for securing your home network. One of the suggestions was to use OpenDNS. , Since I am a big fan of open source projects I decided to do a little research and I found that OpenDNS provides free internet security as well as a cached DNS server.  OpenDNS maintains a own database of phishing and malware sites. It also gathers data from a community site that is also used by Yahoo! Mail to detect mailware. I figured I would kick the tires and try it out for my home network.  At first I was a little concerned because when I hear the phrase, configuring DNS, it gives me a little chill up my spine.  The good news was that it was ridiculously simple to setup.  It was very easy to setup an account and after I created an account I set up some filtering.  I then changed my wireless router to point to the OpenDNS IP’s instead of my cable providers and I forgot about it.

Today I read an alarming post from ZDNet that describes how Cybercriminals are using Google Trends keywords to serve malware. Here is an example:

A random keyword “on fire” like gwen ifill wheelchair indicates that 55 minutes ago a malware serving blog has been successfully crawled and is now appearing within the first 10 results thanks to the high page rank of Windows Live Spaces. Upon clicking the link, the user is exposed to the typical ActiveX Object Error message that is attempting to trick them into installing TrojanDownloader:Win32/Zlob.AMV with 10 out of 36 AV scanners currently detecting it (27.78%).

I figured I would try this out on one of my test computers to see how theses crooks do this. Wham, OpenDNS caught immediatly.

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