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An Oldie but a Goodie

By John | August 31, 2007

For some of the research that I’ve been doing about open source, I have been listening to a lot of old podcasts, including a great one from LinuxWorld 2006 Boston. Four giants from the open source world (John Roberts of SugarCRM, Marten Mickos of MySQL, Marc Fleury of JBoss (now part of Red Hat), and Peter Levine of XenSource) talk about why open source really works. It’s brilliant. What even makes it better is that this conference happened about a week before the RH/JBOSS deal was announced and more than a year before the XenSource Citrix deal. It’s about an hour long but it’s worth it. If this podcast can’t convince you nothing will.

Death of Enterprise Software video (app. 110 MB)
Death of Enterprise Software audio (app. 7 MB)

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