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Announcement: OMC Public Beta ( – a new and vastly improved website)

By John | December 31, 2007

In case you missed the email…

Hey everyone,

Thomas Lockney and I have been hard at work over the holiday to
improve the OMC’s web infrastructure and have just moved the new OMC
website to public beta:

Mark Hinkle, John Willis, and Steve Carl have all been a tremendous
help during the initial testing and have added a ton of content. So
everything from the old website (that needed to be moved) is now on
the new site.

Now we just need your help ironing out the remaining bugs and adding
additional content so that we can move the site into full production
and start the new year off right for the organization. Before you go
hit the new website, here are a couple of the features that should
vastly improve the way we work together as a community:

1) Tagging – The new OMC website uses tags (which you might know as
keywords or categories) extensively to provide rich metadata about
discussions, documents and blog posts. It’s not required that you use
a tag or tags, but it’s certainly helpful.

2) Discussions – Got a question or a problem?  Can’t figure out how to
install the latest version of your open source systems management
software? Post a question to the community and let other OMC members
help you out.

3) Wikis – A wiki is an easy way to create documents with your fellow
team members. Use wiki documents in place of Microsoft Word and you’ll
be happier at the end of the day. Remember that you can always roll
back to a prior version of a document and that you can give
permissions to other people to help you write a document.

Many thanks to Dennis van Zuijlekom who started us off with an
excellent listing of available tools and projects. We’ve transfered
his content here as an example of what can be done:

4) Blogs – You can now create personal blogs on the OMC website. A
blog is a great way of keeping fellow OMC members up to date with what
you’re working on.

So thanks to everyone who helped out over the weekend. This is the
first of several upgrades that we hope will reinvigorate the 1000+
people that make up the Open Management Consortium.

Thanks again for your participation and support,

Twitter –
Chairman, Open Management Consortium

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