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Back to the Future IV

By John | July 27, 2007

Yep, that old Marty McFly has gotten him self into a fine mess again and yes he has a skateboard. This time he has got his work cut out for him. He was sent back in time not to Hill Valley but to Houston Texas to rescue a software company called BMC. His best friend Doc has been there for a few years disguised as someone called Tom Bishop. In episode IV instead of being called Calvin Klein they are calling him whurley. Whurley, a self described evil genius/saint ,(i.e., Thaumaturge in it’s original Greek form), is shaking the ESM world up as we speak. I finally caught up with whurley yesterday at OSCON 2007. He was one of the panelists at the OSCON “The Art of Community” session yesterday. When I saw that large green skateboard behind his chair on the panel I knew I had found him. Not to slight the other panelist in the session however, whurly was the coolest and had the answers I liked best. After, the session I was forced to jump-into-the-future playing the George McFly role. Let me tell you I am too old to keep up with this guy. He is energy squared. I had a couple of hours to talk to with him, and I was constantly in a race trying to keep up with him and mind you I wasn’t about to jump on any skateboard. I also had to share my time with him with a number of other people across an array of social, cultural, and professional circles. If you have read the book the “Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell you would know instantly upon meeting whurley that he is a quintessential “Connector.” . I was able to squeeze a few really good questions in here and there and I don’t know if I agree with the Greek interpretation of a Thaumaturge, but he certainly is a wonder worker.

He started his career at Apple (need I say more), then went on to become a Master Inventor at IBM and has 11 patents. He is an uber Open Source ambassador and he was also the CTO at Qlusters (Little 4) and founded the openQRM project. I could go on for hours so let me just say “google whurley” if you want to know more.

Tivoli has been my bread and butter for over 10 years and everyone once and a while I get that little fear of god sense that I should learn Patrol and BMC stack but then that fear quickly fades off my radar (e.g,. when BMC acquired IT Master’ and Remedy). Even though those were huge IP acquisitions, IMHO, making whurley the Chief Architect of Open Source Strategy at BMC could be huger than the IT Masters and Remedy acquisition combined (read my other blogs about OSS if you want to understand why I think this). IBM, just like I knew it was a mistake to let EMC buy VMWare, I tell IBM, you should have got whurly.

Now back to the future. The big question is what will BMC do with this boy wonder? Early signs are very positive. Whurly’s first big move was to bring BMC into the first Apple iPhone DevCamp (again, something whurly clued me into) and this week he launched the BMC Developer Network. However, with all that said, I guess what really scares me the most, or maybe excites me I don’t know yet, is his ideas about the BMC’s clear IP lead in ESM analytics and his ideas about risk management in ESM. Hopefully I will get time to have a real-one-on-one with William Hurley and learn more.

If I could described a uber-thaumaturge in one world I would say it is -whurley!

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