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Five Guys Pizza!

By John | October 11, 2007


The only guys I know in open source, and they were all in the same place at one time. What are the odds? And they happen to be a pretty good bunch to know. From left to right: Cote, Luke Kanies, Whurley, myself, and Mark Hinkle. Whurley ran a good open source tract at the InnoTech Conference today in Austin, and I met some interesting new people.

I also met a very interesting cat named Reuven Cohen. Reuven owns an open source consulting company that is doing some really interesting things, implementing, for example, Enterprise 2.0 solutions for large companies such as Best Buy. It has also built some really interesting offerings around Amazon’s Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

I learned some good tips from Reuven about doing an open source services, and he also had some great ideas about consulting services in general. I guess that an old dog can learn new tricks.

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