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Gartner Proclaims AIX Will Die in 2009!

By John | September 21, 2007

“IBM is involved in Linux development and working on improving that operating system. Why would they be doing that if Unix was their bread and butter?” he questioned.

Gartner: No New Unix Apps to Emerge After 2009

All kidding aside, they might not be to far off. If you listen to a Businessweek interview with Paul Horn back in July of this year, he dropped some hints along these same lines when he said:

Think about Linux, the open-source computer operating system. It takes at least half a billion dollars a year to maintain a world-class operating system. The whole IT industry is spending about $1 billion a year on Linux. We spend about $100 million. So for $100 million we get an operating system that would otherwise cost us half a billion. We can take the money we save and spend it up higher in the value chain. If giving patents to the Linux community allows this open interaction to occur, it’s worth more than the patents. It saves us a lot of money, and it enables us as a research organization to do things we wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

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