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Talking at TalkBMC

By John | July 5, 2007

Here are some posts and the questions I posted…

ITIL Worship  
Tom Bishop, CTO

My Comment:

With the advent of all the new vendor specific CMDB’s (IBM, HP, EMC, ManagedObjects, Quest,…) how will customer’s be able to integrate their multi-vendor environments?


The Bugatti Principle

William Hurley, Chief Architect, Open Source Strategy

My Comment:

The thing is I keep hearing about how the Big4 is committed to Open Source, however, I never hear them mention the little 4 by name.  IBM, HP, BMC all will talk about OSS in terms of Apache, JBOSS, MySQL.  However, If I do a search of Nagios on the BMC Web site I get no hits for Nagios.  IMHO, the only thing that is going to stop the Little 4 is when one of them is purchased by a big 4′er and then there will be a feeding frenzy.

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