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I blog therefore I am!

By John | August 1, 2007

Ok I’m on vacation in a hotel and my wife and kids are sound a sleep and I can’t get to sleep.  What do you do … play Sudoku … not .. Think about mans lonely existence in the universe… not…


I blog. 

First off I am already married but thanks for the offer (inside joke).  Secondly, I am obsessed with the 451 report and it has got me thinking.  How about no one wins in the Big 4 vs. Little 4?  How about if the enterprises start creating their own forks of Nagios and various OSS ESM tools to suit their own needs.  Some of my large Tivoli customers have larger developer groups than ZenOSS, Hyperic, and Groundwork combined.  In fact a fair amount of my customers have already written their own Tivoli front ends in Ruby on Rails.  The adage in the enterprise has always been if it doesn’t have support they won’t use it.  However, if the Big 4 remains lifeless in its ability to adapt and different instances of Little 4’s keep coming and going maybe the enterprise customer will have no choice?

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