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Is Mark Shuttleworth the new Steve Jobs?

By John | August 9, 2007

My second and last day at LinxWorld and I didn’t get any of the things I planned to do done.  However, I did work with whurley, and Mark Hinkle to get the BarCampESM Austin thing going.  Whurley, Mark, and I also did a podcast for Cote’ about what’s happening at Linuxworld.  Should be on Cote’s blog site soon.   

However, I did go to the Microsoft Embedded party (me and about 10 other people).  I had a redeye flight back to Atlanta and I went for the least path or resistance party.  I picked the Microsoft Windows Embedded party in hopes that it would be lame enough to insure me making my 11:45pm flight.  Think about it Windows Embedded after party at LinuxWorld.  Although, I had to pay for my single malt scotch (unlike the party yesterday), I actually had a great time.  The reason I had a great time is because I had a great conversation with a gentleman named Brian Ducharme the managing editor of “Virtual Strategy Magazine”.  After me bombarding him with my array of lame “I need to sell my house to get into the VMware IPO’ jokes I calmed down a bit and we started having some great conversations.  We talked mostly about virtualization and the marketplace.  This is what I love about this world, there are so many very intelligent and interesting people to meet and talk to and Brian was definitely one of them. Brian made some great counterpoints about VMware, he said even though on paper they look great, they might be in vulnerable due to their un-openness to work with partners and vendors.  With only one scotch under my belt I said I had to agree.  In fact I asked him if this could lead VMware down the path of th OS/2 of virtualization.   I just love to make up stuff like that.  In all seriousness in my experience I know that VMware is very selective about partnering and dealing with their API’s.  In fact I still can’t get a straight answer from VMware whether you should monitor ESX with an agent on the ESX host box. 

Brain and I also talked about opportunities we have missed along the way (see .. Oh the mistakes I have made).  At this point Brian made a pretty interesting statement.  He said “I think there will be two operating systems in the future, “Windows and Ubuntu”.  That was funny because earlier in the press room I heard a reporter from Forbes complaining about a similar statement he had heard in one of the Linixworld sessions except he heard Windows and Linux.  The Forbes guy was the Apple beat reporter and he was not at all keen on that statement.  So I had to ask Brian “Why Ubuntu?”.  Brain said because of Mark Shuttleworth and who he is and what he is doing in the Open Source world.  He also used an analogy that kind of compared what Shuttleworth is doing in open source to what Steve Jobs has has created for device consumerability.  Then of course I could not resist by asking “Is Mark Shutleworth the new Steve Jobs”

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