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By John | September 18, 2007

“IBM Tivoli Network Manager Entry IP Edition 3.7” – ITNMIPEE (Now that’s an acronym).

On 9/11/2007, IBM announced an entry (SMB) version of its recently announced enterprise product IBM Tivoli Network Managed IP Edition (ITNMIPE). ITNMIPE is the enterprise replacement product, formally Precision from MicroMuse, for the old IBM Netview product. The Micromuse Precision technology is used in more than 1,800 customers worldwide, including America Online, British Telecom, Cox Communications, Deutsche Telecom, eTrade, Fidelity Investments Services Ltd., Invesco Asset Management Plc., KeyBank, NCR Corporation, NTT, Orbitz, Shanghai Telecom, the state of Michigan, Swisscom Mobile, Telecom Italia, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Verizon, and Virgin Atlantic. The ITNMIPE product is considered a carrier class network management tool.

The ITNMIPEE is a version for the SMB. It has most of the bells and whistles of the enterprise edition, including the Omnibus engine and the WebTop portal. ITNMIPEE is also priced to compete with the low-end network management tools and is actually price-competitive with some of the open source network management tools. This sets a huge stake in the ground for network management in the SMB. The ITNMIPEE product is a world class network management tool that includes network discovery, topology visualization, and root cause analysis.

ITNMIPEE does have some throttles that its big brother ITNMIPE does not have. ITNMIPEE has a node cap of 1000 and allows only 5 simultaneous users on the visualization portal (WebTop). Also, it will discover only network devices out-of-the-box, not servers. A service engagement from a qualified business partner can make modifications to this behavior; however, the 1k nodes is a hard limit regardless.

Much debate has been made about how the “Big Four” will react to the growth and popularity of open source based products. Despite these many points of debate, IBM appears to have laid down the gauntlet for pricing for network management software.


The product name is actually “ITNM Entry”.  Also, ITNM has a device cap of 1000 and  and servers counts are 5 to 1.  This means  5 servers count as one device.  I have now been told that it does discover servers as well.

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