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My First Open Source Conference OSCON 2007

By John | July 29, 2007

Not another OSCON 2007 Wrap up Blog?

This was my first open source convention and I was blown away.  I only spent two days (Wednesday and Thursday) but I had a wonderful time.  Not only were there tons of technical resources but there were mind blowing discussions about people and life going on all around.  I had the wonderful opportunity to meet some of the players in the OSS community and question their ideas.  Over a thirty year period of doing the same line of work it takes little turns in the road to help you feel the energy you felt when you first started.   Fortunately for me OSCON 2007 was one of those cool turns.  Also it looks like my Top Ten Thigs you will never see at a Tivoli Conference has made the blogosphere.  Here is a short list of why I had such a great time.

Wednesday morning started with two augments. One with Tim O’Reilly and Mark Shuttleworh in their keynote and the other with  Karl Fogel after the session.  I knew that I was going against the big guns with Tim and Mark (that’s what I do) however, I had no idea how important Karl was until later in the week (more on him later).  I also scored a fourth argument in day one with Dave Dibona at Google during his A Year of Open Source at Google session.  I think the argument went well though he offered me a job during the session.

My favorite sessions of the two days were:

Advanced Production Troubleshooting OSCON

This guy had some great techniques for troubleshooting.  I need to automate some of his tricks.

Network Monitoring with Nagios  by Taylor Dondich

Taylor is an uber Nagios’r.  He gave an excellent presentation.  We shared some great ideas over the next few days and I think I have made a new friend.

OpenNMS Case Studies by Tarus Balog

Tarus de force as I now call him. Turus is the mouth of OpenNMS.  In fact OpenNMS wasn’t even slated for my ESM bake off and Turus has convinced me it should be in the bake off.  He is as passionate and passionate can be when talking about OpenNMS and that my friends has more to do with success than any tool I have ever worked with.

Using Puppet to Manage Your Network by Luke Kanies

Luke has created a systems administrator’s provisioning system. Look out Tivoli this guy in on your trail.  I hope to catch up with Luke again at the BarCamp Nashville.   

Body Hacking by Quinn Norton

She mesmerized me.  Her thoughts about healthcare were amazing. To try and summarize her presentation would take a complete blog.  I currently have told my wife that if I ever see that Macolm Gladwell is speaking anywhere within the vicinity of Atlanta I am going to take her to see him speak.  Well Quinn is now on the same list.

Art of Community

This was a great session with OSS industry greats.  This is where I found out that I was arguing earlier in the week with a pretty serious dude Karl Fogel.   This is also where I met the infamous whurley. 


I am going to try and gather up all the presentations and point to all of them in this blog when I hear back from the authors.

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