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My Top 17 Favorite Posts of 2007

By John | December 15, 2007

The first question is, “If you are the only person who laughs at your joke is it still funny?” If your answer is “No,” then I strongly advise you not to read this blog entry.

To that en,d I decided to do an obligatory “Top Ten” of my 2007 inaugural blogging adventure. My first problem was that I already had found ten that I liked before I got through September. Then, I decided to be cute and do a Spinal Tap kind of joke in that eleven is better than ten. When I got through with August, I realized that eleven was not going to get it done, but I trudged on. So, when I finally finished the list, I had Twenty Five blog entries that I considered were my best of 2007. After a first crack, I decided that there were seventeen that I could just not live without. Therefore, I give you my top Seventeen favorite blog posts in 2007.

Back to the Future IV

Clearly, this was the one I enjoy reading the most. Every time I see whurley, he curses me because everyone at BMC calls him McFly. Meeting William Hurley this year and getting socially connected with him has definitely been a top ten experience for this year.

Top ten things you will never see at a Tivoli conference

This post was my first that made the blogoshpere. In fact, on the last day of the OSCON conference, I met the guy who was “allegedly” fooling with those “substances.” The sad part is that he apologized to me as if I was his adult uncle. Getting old sucks.

What if I only had a hour to live?

It makes sense that my first three in the list are the ones that I think are the funniest. The good news is that my wife laughed at this one (she never laughs at my jokes).

One Laptop Per Child

Felling good about myself is very high on my list. This felt really good. Now, I only hope that I get the darn things before Christmas day.

Free Hugs Campaign

I didn’t have do any work for this one, but I just love this video. In fact, a few people owe some hugs. You know who you are.

Reuseable IP

This blog best describes my thoughts about IT.

Agile Smagile

Playing guitar with one of your best friends in the world and getting to talk about ESM. I’ll tell ya, folks, it doesn’t get any better.

Senior Project Chooses OpenNMS

This post/podcast made me feel old and good about feeling older. I think that this was the first time that I ever felt that way. Also, I love to listen to Slade anyway I can.

Infrastructure 2.0

This was one of my favorites, and getting to meet Luke Kanies was a bonus. I haven’t quite figured out why I like Luke so much. Maybe it’s the fact that he is brilliant, wears really cool hats, and represents what’s best about open source. Huh!

Does ITIL Really Matter?

This post caused the biggest commotion. It would be easier to address affirmative action in a blog entry than mentioning the acronym ITIL. The discussion on the Tivoli list lasted almost a month.

My Views on OSS ESM (Part 1)

My Views on OSS ESM (Part 2)

My Views on OSS ESM (Part 3)

Depending on how you look at it this list might only be a top Fourteen.

The Greatest Insourcing Story Ever Told

Content is king, as they say. I just think that this a really good story in IT.

They Might be Giants

I guess that I just like listening to the “Impossible Dream” Youtube clip.

What does IP mean to me?

If you have gotten this far in the list, then you must be really bored or a fan. Either way, I would like to thank you with all my heart, and I wish you all the best that life has to offer, a great loving holiday season, and a happy and prosperous New Year.

On a closing note I also want to thank a couple of people who were not mentioned in my top seventeen but who have made a great impact on my blogging adventures.

The podcast king. One of the few analyst’s that get it right.

Doug McClure
Doug taught me how to blog. Therefore, it’s all his fault.

Mark Hinkle
The viral marketing king. He must like me because he has spent a lot of time helping me try and get it right.

Thank You

John M Willis


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