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SFRR and Ohio LinuxFest

By John | September 24, 2007

What have I gotten myself into? This Friday morning, I’ll be In Raleigh, jumping into a van for a road trip to the Ohio LinuxFest in Columbus. My wife keeps asking, “And why are you not flying?” Please don’t tell the others on the Software Freedom Road Rally that I am flying home (and that I’ll be staying at the Marriott instead of the Red-Roof-Inn). Jeez, give me a break: I’m 48 years old. I will, however, try my best to be the life of the party on the way up.

Mark Hinkle of Zenoss, trail boss and mastermind behind the Software Freedom Road Rally, has organized this trip and was kind enough to invite me. It sounds like the van is going to be wired and that we are going to have a videographer who quotes Marcus Tullius Cicero. I am hoping that he is also a Roman history buff like me; however, I am guessing that he is really just setting a placeholder in his SFRR bio using the standard publishing technique lorem ipsum.

I am looking forward to the LinxFest, which has a pretty good lineup on Saturday. If you are in the area and want to hook-up, please give me a yell.

I am bringing a guitar, so, if you want to play music and talk about ESM, I will have my M-AUDIO recorder.

Here are some ways to contact me:

Screen name: botchagalupe

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