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Speaking of Network Management in 2001

By John | October 9, 2008

Jack Huges (The Tech Teapot) has been doing an interesting series of posts on network management tools have been used over the years (c. 2001-2008). This started me thinking about an old Tivoli master called Don Mahler, that used to give a presentation called “Enterprise Systems and Network Management (on an Extreme Budget).” It was a hoot because in the late 90′s when Tivoli spending was vertical, Don would talk at IBM conferences about using tools that can save a company money. You could see the IBM/Tivoli reps cringe when Don would flip his first slide.

I found one of his old presentations on the internet dated 2001. What is interesting is that he was discussing how he used products such as MRTG, OpenNMS, and Netsaint (Now called Nagios) back in the late 1990′s.

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One Response to “Speaking of Network Management in 2001”

  1. Don Mahler Says:
    October 18th, 2008 at 9:32 am

    yes – I remember those days of presenting at share and having IBM being less than thrilled. I always fell back on the “if this was my money, what would I spend it on”. and “how dare you charge xxx for this “.

    I do miss SHARE. Had a string of around 10 years of presenting at every conference.

    My job has morphed into new directions. and I am no longer as poor. And to John’s relief, I am no longer running an unsupported version of TEC.