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Still not convinced?

By John | September 24, 2007

» Gartner declares Open Source biggest Disruptor of our timeAccording to Gartner
Open Source accounted for 13% of the $92.7 billion software market in 2006 and will account for 27% by 2011. They say “Continued acceptance will drive down prices and force proprietary software vendors to change their business model.”
Proprietary software and the fall of Rome | The Open Road – The Business and Politics of Open Source by Matt Asay – CNET Blogs

When the barbarians struck (with ample assistance from the slaves within Rome), Rome was too soft to counterattack. So it fell. We will reach a point at which the inefficient waste of proprietary software development and distribution will peak, and I’m convinced that the whole thing will topple. But, as with Rome, I believe that these proprietary ecosystems will take decades to implode completely.

Gartner forecasts yesterday’s weather (and dragonslayer) – Computerworld Blogs
Gartner’s survey shows 49.7% of open source usage is done for “mission critical” applications, as compared to 59% for proprietary software and 58.5% for internal development.

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