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The Tortoise and the Hare

By John | September 18, 2007

I guess that I am having a “PRO” IBM week.


It might be due to those really nice folks at the IBM Business Partner Advisory Council meeting last week. Anyway, IBM is usually a large target for the “vs.” arguments in the open source debates as IBM is frequently used as the poster child for the “bad guys” doing the proprietary thing. After recently reading IBM’s approach to packaging OpenOffice with Lotus Symphony, I realized that IBM appears to be approaching open source in the same slow and steady manner in which it has always approached new technologies. I see all these spectacular open source point projects, and I am frustrated with IBM’s deliberate pace, but that pace has served IBM and IBM customers well. In fact, taking its time is one of IBM’s greatest strengths. See, for example, how IBM has handled Eclipse. Now, it has eased into OpenOffice and has contributed 35 programmers to the OpenOffice development effort. Just maybe IBM has its eyes all over this space (Duh!) If you look at its acquisition track record, you’ll see no reason for it to jump right into the fray of the immediate OSS point wars. Maybe IBM will just let the OSS guys eat their young and come in to swoop up the last few standing.

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