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Waiters v. Cooks

By John | September 6, 2007

If you have ever worked for a proprietary software company, you will probably get a kick out of this story. A friend’s daughter recently took a job as a waitress. My friend was explaining how his daughter is always complaining that the cooks are prima donnas. To hear her tell it, if not for waitresses, the cooks would not have jobs.Who would sell the orders and deliver the food?” she argued. The cooks are always complaining about the customers whom they never see. “Why would that stupid customer want this entrée without cheese – my God,” the cooks yell at my friend’s daughter. If you talk to a cook, however, you will hear a completely different story. The cook feels that the waitresses make all the money while the cook does all the work. If not for the cooks, the food would not be cooked, and the waitresses would have nothing to sell. Also, the waitress does not understand the creative process through which a cook goes to make all these fabulous dishes. Sound familiar?

As I talk to a lot of open source startups, in most cases, I can’t tell the difference between the waitresses and the cooks. The communal aspect of how the software is developed, IMHO, blurs the distinction. File this story away as just one more entry on a long list of reasons why proprietary software must die.

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