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Who am I?

By John | August 10, 2007

Recently, a few of my good friends in the Tivoli community have been asking me what the heck is  The Tivoli community mostly knows me from trade shows and my activity on the TME10 mailing list as a regular contributor.  In that venue I am sometimes hot-head, very rarely silly, and always try my absolute best to contribute to the community.  Also in that venue I am a gladiator for the Tivoli product line and always try to find the sweet spot between being honest to my customers and loyal as an IBM business partner.

So then what is  It’s simply my alter ego and a way to identify myself away from my day job(s)/companies.  Here I can be as silly as I want to be I can speculate on any industry opportunity or technology totally agnostically.  I can feel free to criticize any vendor or group, however with out malice.  At the end of the day if I make my self laugh or learn a few new things that’s all I expect out of this site.  In fact you will never see an advertisement on this site EVER!!!.

Actually today, I received this email from a good friend of mine Jamie Carl.  Jamie is one of about 10 icons in the Tivoli community who I deeply respect.  Here is Jamie’s question to me and then my response.

>What are you UP TO, Mr. Willis…..  You seem to be re-inventing yourself
> lately.


I like to think of it as a fusion as opposed to re-inventing myself.  Open
Source is a reality and I believe IBM, Tivoli, and the Tivoli community is going to play a big part in it.  Recently Paul Horn, the outgoing head of IBM research was quoted when asked about open source and IBM:

“One of my responsibilities is to look for disruptive technologies and
identify them so IBM can, if necessary, disrupt ourselves rather than having one of our competitors disrupt us. One of the ways that’s going to change the world is finding fundamentally new ways to innovate. And one of those ways is to be more collaborative and open.”

I think true leaders of the Tivoli community need to be open to this mindset. My point of view on the Open Source ESM explosion is that IBM, Tivoli, and Tivoli integrators can benefit and learn from this new community that is providing extremely agile new models.  However, what the OSS community doesn’t understand is that they have a lot to learn from the Tivoli community.  I personally see this as an exciting opportunity to be on the leading edge of this fusion.

Off the mailing list I also added this note to Jamie:

On another note, as far as my blog goes I am in a sense trying to re-invent
myself.  This is because the last two companies I started I left with no IP
and had to start all over again.  I figured using my can
give me a unique identity (good or bad) that will always stay with me (if
that makes sense).
Hope that answers some questions for all my other Tivoli friends…  BTW, I am not going anywhere.  I am about to start another IBM residency authoring the new ITM 6.2 Redbook in Austin in a few weeks.


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