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You can never go without a coat in the summer in the city of San Francisco

By John | August 8, 2007

Although Samuel Clemens is often attributed to the “Coldest winter I ever spent was the summer I spent in San Francisco” he never said it.  In fact, if I had to guess my money is on Oscar Wilde.  What Mark Twain (a.k.a. Samuel Clemens) did say is “you can never go without a coat in the summer in the city of San Francisco.”  Either way it is freaken cold here.  It’s August here isn’t it?  All I have is shorts and tee-shirts and it is cold outside.


Day 1 Linuxworld

I attended a kumbya interoperability panel discussion with Oracle, Novell, Microsoft, and Centrify.  As they were all talking about how they can cure world hunger and throw in a little interoperability on the side. Oracle was explaining their symbiotic relationship with RedHat and how great the new Oracle Linux is going to be for all the customers.  However, after I heard Microsoft proclaimed they were making the world a better place by working with Novell and Zen for the fifth time I just had to ask this question.  I promised myself I would keep my mouth shut and not get into any arguments this week and even though I was warned not to pick on Microsoft by the moderator I still had to ask.  I asked Sam Ramji of Microsoft this question:  “Is interoperability and competition mutually exclusive?  Sam fumbled and described how they work with SAP … blah blah blah …  Then I further asked why then am I not hearing you talk about interoperability between Microsoft and VMware.  The Novell guy and Sam went round and round skirting the question then the Centrify guy finally bailed me out and agreed with me.  The good news is alls well that ends well.  After the session Sam came up to me and gave me his card and told me he owned an 85 Stratocaster (he saw my Fender cap).  I said I have one of those as well.  In my book, who care about interoperability, if you own a Stratocaster you are a-ok with me.

Latter I hooked up with whurly and Mark Hinkle from Zenoss.  We had a few hours to talk about how we can save the ESM world.  I learned a lot more about Zenoss.  Mark is a really cool guy.  Also, the more I talk to whurley the more I really think he is going to make a huge impact on ESM and if he can convince BMC he will have some breadth to do it. 

In the afternoon I started my frontal assault on the Little Four.  I started with the mouth of OpenNMS Taurus Balog.  They had a booth at Linuxworld.  Taurus gave me a really good walk through his product.  They have a new GUI front end that looks really slick. This product seems to do all the little thing right.  I want to do a real thougho review of the product as part of my bake-off project but here are some highlights.

Like I said I need to do a better review in my lab but I think the thing that has me most intrigued is that I have ran into about five or six people at both this conference and OSCON that absolutely love this product and these where adhoc non solicited conversations in meetings or bofs.

I also did a quick scan of Groundwork and Hyperic in the exposition.  I plan on spending more time with those products today.  

I attended an IT Monitoring Tricks of the Trade BOF session.  It looked like Groundwork setup the session and invited a bunch of the OSS developers to attend.  Those boys at Groundwork really know who to market.  I have to give them that.  I also learned about a tool I had not heard of called PMACCTD.  I need to look into this more. 

Last but not least threw a party.  A lot of the Amazon IT staff where there in white shirts.  Hey, it’s this first vendor party I have been to where I was able to get free 12 year old McClellan no questions asked.  After about my third glass I went up to Robert Fanani one of the founders of Groundwork and had a heated debate.   In the end we agreed to disagree.  However, he did tell me that Ranga was starting to warm up to the idea of services.  I wished him luck and told him to say hi to Dave Lilly for me.

I also had a good discussion with with a VMware support guy.  However, I think he got bored of me continually asking him what he was going to do with all the money he was going to make off the IPO.  All kidding aside he gave me some good tips on virtualize the Willis home environment and a few other ideas.All and all it was a busy but good day.  See what tomorrow brings.

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