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Zabovo News

By John | November 26, 2007

We may be small but we have big ideas. Here are some of the things we are working on…


Drupal CMS and EC2


Class hours Description
ITM 6 Fundamentals 8 A class for anyone using the ITM 6 Portal. Covers situations, and TEP Customization.
ITM 6 Universal Agent 8 A detailed class for creating and developing Universal Agents
ITM 6 Best Practices 4 A class for ITM system administrators
ITM 6.2 Differences Workshop P1 4 A class for anyone who has taken the ITM 6.2 Fundamentals class and needs the updated information for ITM 6.2
ITM 6.2 Differences Workshop P2 4 A class for ITM system Administrators who need to know the differences to install, maintain and update ITM 6.2
ITM 6.2 Agent Builder Workshop 8 A detailed class for creating agents with the new ITM 6.2 Agent Builder

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