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Live Chat With OpSource

By John | July 23, 2007

Whenever I go to a website and I get one of those live chats from the vendor I think about that movie Minority Report.   Remember, when Tom Cruise is running through some tunnel and all those posters start talking to him. Well I was watching the OSCON site and they were talking about OpSource.  So I went to the OpSource website to see wasup!!!.  Normally, I don’t accept those pesky live chat thingys, however, this time I said what the heck.  Here is the rest …

 Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with ‘April’
you: hey
April: Hello.
April: Welcome to OpSource.
April: How can I help you?
you: i was trying to figure out what you guys do?
April: Do you have a web-based application to deliver?
you: yes
April: We do all the delivery – operational infrastructure delivery for Software As A Service/Web 2.0 companies.
April: What is the name of your company and the application?
you: are you a real person or a robot. the reason I ask it seems like it is taking you a long time to respond to simple questions?
you: capital software
April: Person. :)
you: are you using a script to respond?
April: There is always a time lag on the LiveChat.
you: ok cool!
April: So, the name of the company is Captial Software?
you: would this be a similar service to something like what is trying to do or what google is getting into?
April: Did I understand that correctly?
April: Something like that.
April: We partner with for companies who want
April: to be on Appexchange.
you: We have been looking at porting some of our apps to SaaS but have not done any deep dives.
April: We’re their Gold Partner for the managed hosting for SW companies wanting to be on that.
April: OK.
you: I am new to this but when or why would I choose not to use with your company/services
April: Did my description of what we do help?
you: did my question make sense?
you: I knew you were a robot. I think I broke your code with that last question…
April: It’s more, if you want to be on Appexchange,
April: well, they don’t actually have hosting themselves.
April: We do that for the sw companies
you: so let me see if I got it.
April: Thx. :)
April: Did I lose you?
you: You are a (sort of MSP) for the services
April: Yes, that is one of the things we do.
April: doesn’t do the hosting themselves.
you: do you msp other services like that?
April: Nor do they offer a SaaS platform for On Demand Billing like we do.
you: Ok you have specific silo’s of SaaS solutions… cool
April: Essentially we do all the managed hosting, sort of super sized, for a number of companies.
April: And we partner specifically with for their Appexchange.
April: With all our customer we offer the OpSource Services Bus
April: And in that so far are On Demand Billing, Web Analytics, and Marketing Research.
April: The vision of that is to offer more and more integrated tools for
you: So, not really knowing the gory detail options… if I was looking to SaaS my specific app would I look at the modl through you guys
April: our customers to function as a Web company as much as possible.
April: Oh, OK.  I’ll focus just on what is related to and the Appexchange.
April: Working with us expedites the application process to be on Appexchange.
April: I can email you a pdf on that if it would be helpful for you?
you: that would be great… johnm_willis @
you: opps
you: john_willis at
April: Thanks John.
April: The lady I’d like to have you talk with a little further is Laura Page, but she is out of the office today.
you: very cool. I saw you on the OSCON 2007 page and wanted to find out what you guys did. I was very skeptical about doing the live thing but this worked out great.
April: I’ll email you and give you her contact information.
April: Cool.  I’ll be there as a matter of fact.
you: great thanks for your help .. bye …
April: I’ll be one of the 2 blonde ladies in our booth.
April: You’re very welcome. :)
April: Bye

Not quite Minority Reportish but we got it done….

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