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Best Shit in Your Hat Story Ever

By John | December 22, 2008

Years ago I was at this software company owners roundtable meeting.  A good friend of mine was the facilitator and all of these top  Northern Virgiania software companies were all complaning about things like, should they buy a corporate jet or not, stupid stuff like that. Then one guy from a compnay called VM Software starting to complain about how he could’nt manage one of his saleswomen.  He went on to say that every time his sales manager told this saleswomen to do something she would tell him to go shit in his hat.  He even said that he called her into his office to repreimand her, and she told him, this owner, to go shit in his hat.  This owner said he was at his wits end and he was looking for suggestions from the other owners on what to do.  One of the other owners asked a simple question.  How much did she do in sales last year?  The VM Software owner said she did 4 million in sales last year.  The other owner told him, If I were you I would go out and buy a new hat.

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