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February 2008 – Review Post

By John | March 4, 2008

Doug McClure started doing an end month review and I think it is a great idea. In fact it is Doug who first tutored me on how to get my blog site started so it makes sense that I would continue to copy him. Here’s a quick look at Feb 08:

IT Management Podcasts

Cote and I go cloud crazy most of the time but we have a log of fun just yaking about IT management. We squeezed four in last month:

Worst Blog Ever…

My son and I wrote a little silly post called “Top 10 Worst Captcha’s” and man did I get slammed. The good news is I got Mosso and was able to survive the hit.

Mosso Saves My Bacon!

Seven Core Competencies for Enterprise Innovation

I started a series of white papers that are going to introduce enterprise disruptive technologies.

Seven Core Competencies for Enterprise Innovation

The Story of a Pathological Entrepreneur

This was my personal favorite of the month. This is a story of the real guy who invented AOL and much more.

The Story of a Pathological Entrepreneur

Why Are You Here?

Market Myopia for the enterprise software industry.

Why Are You Here?

Lots of Cloud Talk

The Relativity of Outages

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008 What is the impact of a 3 hour outage?
Of course the answer is, “It depends,” right? In the aftermath of last week’s Amazon S3 outage, there has been a lot of discussion on what the outage meant. Many have argued that it is cloud specific. In one particular blog article, the author stated […]

Look Mom, Two Nines – Amazon S3 Major Outage Today

Friday, February 15th, 2008 I guess it’s 99. today for Amazon S3 customers. Man do I have timing or what. We literally moved this blog site server off of AWS this week in preparation for our move over to Mosso this weekend. I have seen reports of AWS being impacted for at least two hours, and […]

What is a Cloud

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008 Here is my definition of the Holy Grail “Cloud”.
Primary Characteristics

It uses commodity-based hardware as its base. The hardware can be replaced anytime without affecting the cloud.
It uses a commodity-based software container system. For example, a service should be able to be pulled from one cloud provider to any other cloud provider with no effect […]

Cloud Computing and the Enterprise

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008 The more I learn about cloud computing, the more I think that it’s going to affect the enterprise more quickly than most people expect. Some enterprise customers are already working on cloud prototypes, and I recently heard a Forester analyst say that he thought that cloud computing initiatives could affect the enterprise within […]

5 reasons it might not be “Blue Skies” for IBM


Demystifying Clouds

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008 force ma·jeure \ˌfȯrs-mä-ˈzhər, -mə-\ noun Etymology: French, superior force
Date: 1883 1 : superior or irresistible force 2 : an event or effect that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled — compare act of god

I’ll admit it: I am caught up in the cloud hype. The caveat, however, is that I truly believe that […]

Drupal Talk

One Drupal Per Child

Friday, February 29th, 2008 This is a very cool article on how to install Drupal on an XO (OLPC).
Building Open Source Applications for OLPC with Drupal

Go Big or Go Home

Monday, February 25th, 2008 The other night, I was at a local Atlanta AITP meeting, and the topic of enterprise search came up. A gentleman sitting in front of me said that enterprise search is the “new data warehousing.” During the break, he told me that his clients, Coke and Cox, both use enterprise search to answer […]

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