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Hot Chocolate at Starbucks

By John | December 30, 2007

Trying to keep the kids off of the WII and DS and more on the XO is a tough task. So I have come up with a “Hot Chocolate and Learn” method. We have mastered the playful things like getting on the internet and uploading pictures. The XO Memorize and Draw activities seem to be working best with my five-year-old while my nine-year-old seems just old enough to start grasping Pippy (an easy-to-use Python IDE). I had my nine-year-old work on a “Hello StarBucks” program in python using its sample “Hello World.”

I have worked out a few minor issues with the XO. The first issue was that it has no password for the root account and that the olpc account has a password but it is not documented. I needed to ssh into the XO boxes becuase doing any kind of administration with my fat fingers will not work on the XO keyboard. I added a password to the root account. I didn’t want to change the olpc password because I think that the password may be embdded in the X application (Sugar) that comes with the XO. For now, this is fine, and the root password should not be blank anyway. Another problem was that one of the XO laptops would not save the WEP password. I found a config file called networks.config and updated it manually, and now it works fine.

I would like to add more memory and or a larger flash if that is possible, but looking at the OLPC wiki on how to take this thing apart does not look like a lot of fun. As long as the boys are ok with 256m memory and 1 gig disk (i.e., the flash), I am ok.

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