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June 2008 Review Post

By John | July 1, 2008

My computer bag made the rounds in the “No Country fr Old IT Guys” series. I also found some time to do some IT Management Guys Podcasts with the ever beloved Michael Coté. I also hit a milestone number 5 with my very own Cloud Cafe podcasts with number 4 and 5. I had some great conversations about the popular topic of cloud standards with 3Tera and Elastra on those podcasts.

Also, come to find out that Puppet is the dirty little secret behind a lot of what is going on in the clouds. I also made an aaS out of myself with this particular post and I made a few of the nice boys and girls at Hyperic kinda mad at me with this one as well. I ended the month with a hum-dinger that started a great conversation with this post then some follow up over here.

As always I really appreciate anyone who finds the time in their busy hectic day to come to this site to spend some time with me.



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