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March 2008 – Review Post

By John | April 2, 2008

I started the month teaching what I hope is the last Tivoli Framwork class ever. The class was in Ontario and met my first blizzard in many years.

Kudos for Mosso my new “Cloud” provider for handling the crazy traffic my stupid “Top 10 Worst Captchas” post created. They have,IMHO, proven themselves as a true Autonomic service.

I ventured down to the “evil” whurley show down in Austin on the first weekend of March and hooked up with some of the blog-o-sphere good guys. Also, I was quite smitten with a gal named Pistachio. Oh yea, if you have not seen Bot Eats Air Conditioner you need to check this one out.

Our old arrogant friend “Botchagalupe” stopped by to pontificate on his new Botchanomics and the Big Galupe. Man is that guy a pain in the ass.

A lot of cloud talk in March. I a give my “Cloud Talk’ presentation three times in march (BarcampAustinIII, Atlanta Ruby Meetup, and DrupalBarcampNYC).

As always, I did some silly stories this month. My favorite was the “Phony PHD” story. However here is a list of the other ones.

Taking IBM to task is nothing new on this site and March was no exception. IBM solutions and Autonomics has always seemed like an interesting dichotomy worth discussing and in “IBM and the History of Autonomics” I try and take a shot.

I ended up the month attending a Drupal Barcamp in NYC and it was great. Drupal is a red hot CMS that should not be ignored. I recorded a very interesting presentation called DruTube.

Last but not least, I have started to put a few of my posts up on This way if anyone is interested in downloading any of my blog posts as a PDF.

Oh yeah, one last-last thing.  I gave up on the 40Rag thread.  I did it as a joke and quite frankly those guys don’t have a sense of humor.  I found some of their attacks were making me get into a hateful mode and that is not what I am all about.  What’s ironic, for a group that takes everyone else to task, they really do have a thin skin.

Thanks for reading this blog.

John M Willis

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