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November Roundup

By John | December 2, 2008

Top Posts in November

Top 10 Worst Captchas

Cloud Talk – Introduction to the Cloud for the Enterprise

Demystifying Clouds

No Country for Old IT Guys

Cloud Vendors A to Z (Revised)

IBM v Apple – The Ironic Twist

Infrastructure 2.0 (An oldie but a goodie)

How to Save $10 Million Dollars While Staring into the Abyss

Top 10 Reasons for NOT Using a Cloud

Great Randy Pausch Quotes

Cloud Cafe

Cloud Cafe #27 – What is a Cloud?

Cloud Cafe #26 – Elastra Stu Says Stuff

Cloud cafe #25 – Rackspace, Mosso, and JungleDisk

Cloud Cafe #24 – Google App Engine

Cloud Cafe #23 – Rightscale a chat with Thorsten

Cloud Cafe #22 – VPN Cubed, CohesiveFT

Cloud Cafe #21 – Eucalyptus the Open Source Cloud

IT Management Guys

IT Management Podcast #25 – Blue Cloud, VMWare Management Everywhere, Hadoop, openQRM, BizSpark

IT Management Podcast #26 Change Management, CA, Amazon, Adobe PaaS, IBM Software Analyst Summit

IT Management Podcast #27 – What type of cranberry person are you?


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