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Opscamp Boston

By John | April 15, 2010

Hello OpsCampers,

It’s been a while since OpsCamp Austin and I thought we were due for an update.

We have planned two more OpsCamps. One in Boston (next Thursday) organized by John Willis & John Treadway, and San Francisco (May 15th) organized by Mark Hinkle, Tara Spalding, Erica Brescia and myself. If you know of anyone in those towns, then please send them a link to

You might also be interested in CloudCamp Austin #2 which is scheduled for June 10th.

Finally, John “Botchagalupe” Willis wrote up a summary of OpsCamp Austin, which he posted to the OpsCamp Discussion Group – I have included it below for your convenience. Michael Cote also wrote up a summary.

Hope to see you at an upcoming OpsCamp or CloudCamp. Either way, keep on Camping!

Dave Nielsen

Opscamp Austin Roundup

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