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Owen Thomas – For Your Eyes Only

By John | March 16, 2008

Owen Thomas is the managing editor of valleyrag. Owen was formerly an editor of Business 2.0, but he decided to jump ship, as in a pirate’s plank, to move over to the rag. I am reasonably certain that the things I like most about the rag probably come from him, but I just don’t get this Melissa Grant character and the obsession with hookers. Trying to be a people magazine of the valley is somewhat amusing, but she is just over the top. Anyway, a few people have sent me some pithy comments related to Owen, so I figured that, in true 40rag form, I would post them here.

Here are some of the cleaner ones…

Also here are a few pictures of Owen…


Owne in his earlt years

Owen in his early years


Owen down in the valley


Owen in his later years

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