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The IT Skeptic is the Bill Bryson of Service Management

By John | October 9, 2008

How dare he make fun of IT Service Management. Service Catalog’s and CMDB’s are as sacred as mom and apple pie. Rob England’s (The IT Skeptic) new book “Introduction to Real ITSM” takes em all on. Vendors, ITIL, COBIT, and CMMI are not safe in Real ITSM. I swear I haven’t laughed this much reading a book since Confederacy of Dunces (You know the laughing at loud in airport lounges and people looking at you like you are a nut). I’d like to say he nailed the hypocrisy of our industry to a nut, but I am afraid I am not smart enough to figure out when he was kidding and when he was serious. The bottom line is, it didn’t matter, I laughed throughout the book. Rob has also created a Wiki ( around his book, sort of like a Wikinomics for making fun of service management. Also the Wiki is based on Drupal, you gotta love this guy.

If you are looking for a good gift to give to any of your professional associates this Christmas I definitely recommend this book. I am going to buy about 10 copies that I will be sending to some of my new blog-o-sphere friends this Christmas.


Ok, I can’t resist. Here are some gems from the book…

The Service Cataract

“If properly designed the Service Cataract can ensure a service is never actually turned on.”

The Service Porthole

The Service Diameter (SD) defines the number of degrees of freedom to customers when requesting services. Real ITSM is about minimizing this number.

Defining a Service

Ensure the users include two strong power groups then get each to adopt mutually incompatible design decisions.

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