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Zenny the Zebra and the Future of IT Mangagement

By John | July 19, 2008

The Zenoss boys never miss a beat when it comes to recruiting Zenpack contributors. Sorry Matt he is way to young to work on Zenpacks. However, he has written his first “Hello World” in python on his OLPC. Both boys love the Zenny the Zebra beach balls and they both told me to say thank you to whoever this Zenoss dude is. Toys for the boys typically earn triple bounus points around the Willis household.

I am assuming the fedora is for me and not the kids based on my recent IT Management podcast with Coté . In the podcast Coté asked me why I no longer include Zenoss apparel in my “No Country for Old IT Guys” photos. The simple answer was that it is summer and the jacket typically stays home. So yesterday I was supprised to find a box in the mail with the Zenny beach balls and my new fedora. Perfect timing guys, I am just about to hit the road for the next three weeks on the “No Country” tour.

Thanks Guys :)

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