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Opscamp Boston

By John | April 15, 2010

Hello OpsCampers,

It’s been a while since OpsCamp Austin and I thought we were due for an update.

We have planned two more OpsCamps. One in Boston (next Thursday) organized by John Willis & John Treadway, and San Francisco (May 15th) organized by Mark Hinkle, Tara Spalding, Erica Brescia and myself. If you know of anyone in those towns, then please send them a link to

You might also be interested in CloudCamp Austin #2 which is scheduled for June 10th.

Finally, John “Botchagalupe” Willis wrote up a summary of OpsCamp Austin, which he posted to the OpsCamp Discussion Group – I have included it below for your convenience. Michael Cote also wrote up a summary.

Hope to see you at an upcoming OpsCamp or CloudCamp. Either way, keep on Camping!

Dave Nielsen

Opscamp Austin Roundup

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Chef Training Class in Seattle 4/26/2010

By John | April 5, 2010

Chef Fundamentals (3 Days)

Chef Fundamentals is a three-day comprehensive class covering the basic architecture of Chef and all of the underlying components. We will be covering installation basics of Chef Client and Chef Solo. Other topics will include: creating Chef repositories, creating cookbooks and advanced using of the new command line utility called Knife. This class will include lecture, labs and some comprehensive case studies.

Topics covered include:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Students should bring WiFi enabled laptops. The labs will be run on Amazon’s EC2.

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Upcoming Training: Configuring Nagios on AWS with Chef

By John | March 24, 2010

Join us for a Webex Session – “Configuring Nagios on AWS with Chef