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OpenQRM and Puppet Integration

By John | November 16, 2008

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to meet Matt Rechenburg, the project owner of openQRM. Matt gave me a demonstration of his openQRM product and I was blown away. One of he questions I asked him after I saw the presentation was if he was going to add Puppet support. It was clear to me that openQRM had solved some of the complex OS level provisiong issues of today (P2V, V2P, V2V, P2P). However, I saw an opportunity for them to grab even a higher ring if they could solve the configuration problem as well. In other words, they could drive OS proviosing throughout the enterprise, great, but then what? Instantiating and customizing the applications after the OS is up is the second part of the deployment holy grail. This is where we talked about Puppet. Matt told me that Puppet was on their road map but I am not sure how far along they were at the time of that discussion. A week later I met Matt at CloudCamp Brussels and he seemed pretty pumped about adding Puppet support (I am hoping my Cloud Cafe Podcast had a little todo with that). In a little less than a month from that discussion, openQRM 4.2 has added a Puppet plugin.

The important thing, in my opinion, about the the openQRM Puppet integration transaction is that it exposes the exciting and beautiful things about open source. From a discussion about the importance of the integration of provisiong and configuration management, (i.e., openQRM and Puppet), to a fully developed integrated solution, only took 3 weeks. Imagine this discussion happening between even the most agile of proprietary vendors and the time line of something like this to happen. In the proprietary example they would still be playing phone tag just to figure out how their lawyers could talk. I am pretty sure Matt never even called Luke once during that whole process.

Kris Buytaert has a great write up on all the cool new features of openQRM 4.2 here. Also the openQRM project page has a nice video demonstrating their new “Cloud” like features.

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