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Night Three in Austin

By John | September 6, 2007

Tonight, I attended an “Intro to Ruby & Rails Charity Workshop.” The four-hour event featured a full list of leading Ruby and Rails authors. The best thing about this event is that it was a charity event that raised $3k in donations. (The cost of attendance was simply a donation.) The speakers donated their time, and attendees contributed gave a minimum of $50. I donated a $100 dollars to Habitat for Humanity. This workshop jumpstarted me on Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I’ve not been as jumpstarted as one presenter, though. Bruce Tate told the story of how he switched from Java to Ruby on Rails and ultimately found his calling in life (i.e., the website Changing The Present – all written in Rails and the site used for the online donations). I will be writing more about Bruce Tate and his site in an upcoming post. I have also attached a mind-mapper PDF of what I gleamed from the event. If you have any questions about the mmmap, please feel free to ping me.



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