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Nick the IT Plumber

By John | November 4, 2008

Like Joe, Nick can make $200k+ on a good year.  Even though Nick lives comfortably, he doesn’t mind sharing a little of his wealth.  In fact when Nick received that silly $600 tax rebate check from GW he spit on it, cashed it, and then sent the money to his favorite charity.  The thing is, Nick doesn’t believe that less than 5 percent of the population should horde more than 60 percent of the wealth.

If you are lucky enough to sit and have a beer with Nick, the conversation boundaries can range any where from Roman  history to the Heisenburg uncertainty principle.  Nick codes Python based Web 2.0 applications by day and after he puts his kids to bed he pounds out Iphone apps that talk to Google App engine.  Nick will never bore you with that fact that he has written three books and is an accomplished musician.

However, unlike Joe the Plumber, Nick thinks Sara Palin is a loon.  Guess who Nick will be voting for today?

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