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My kids don”t care about SOA

By John | July 26, 2007

They really aren’t up on the latest industry trends “AJAX, OSS, Web 2.0.” They always appreciated the chotchkees I usually bring home from conferences but they never have been excited enough to ask where they came from. However, this time my new friends over at the OpSource booth at OSCON have started a trend I know my two boys are really going to be interested in. I am fairly certain when I let my two boys split the 10 dollars I received from OpSource they are going to be very excited. The nice girls (hi April) over at the Opsource booth are giving away 10 dollar bills if you sign a form -  no catches.   My guess is that when my son William’s third grade teacher asks him  “What did you learn this summer?”  he is going to reply “I learned how to  make money with SaaS.”

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