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Supercomputers are making a come-back … and man are they pissed!

By John | February 14, 2008

Are supercomputers making a come-back? Did Coté and I raise them from the dead in our last podcast? … Not …


I recently wrote an article about IBM’s cloud initiatives, and one of the initiatives that I talked about was its published “Project Kittyhawk: Building a Global-Scale Computer” white paper. This is a supercomputer design for 67 million cores with a petabyte of memory. Although this may only be a white paper, IBM still holds the top two spots with BlueGene/L and BlueGene/P.


Looks like the SUN is shinning in all sorts of new places. Next week, Sun is going to announce a new supercomputer codenamed Magnum. This new computer is going to run at 500 teraflops and will be made up of 82 Sun blade racks with 2 petabytes of storage. With 500 tflops, SUN would just edge IBM out of the top spot.


No big news here, but Cray still holds the number 6 and 9 spots on the top 10 list. Cray has made some recent management changes, and the fool is also keeping an eye on them.

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