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DevCampTivoli Updates

By John | March 14, 2008

Robert Barron on IBM Israel has some really cool ideas for DevCampTivoli. Unfortunitly he will not be able to attend. However we have a couple of request for remote participation. We are going to setup an IRC channel and a Twitter feed prior to the Devcamp so that remote users can participate. I will also fully document how to remotely participate as we get closer to the event. If you are interested in participating but you are unsure of your travel plans go ahead and sign up for the DevCamp (just mark your self as remote). This way we can keep you in the loop as we get closer.

Here are some notes from Robert…


I have a couple of comments/ideas about the DevCamp and there doesn’t seem
to a be semi-private forum for this, so I’ll email you my ideas.

First, I think that it would be a good idea to include TADDM in the
ITM/Omnibus/TBSM mix because the next logical step for organizations would
be to add TADDM.
In fact, I’d assume that most organizations would use TADDM before TBSM
because of the way TADDM is pushed (CMDB, TADDM->TBSM flow for building
LoBs, etc…)
My experience (as I’ve told Doug before) is that TADDM/ITM integration is
not ready for primetime yet (to say the least!).
I think that anyone trying to use ITM-TBSM integration in the real world
will get a VERYnasty surprise when they add TADDM.

Second, I think that ITM has much stronger BSM capabilities than it’s
usually given credit for and (I feel) thats it’s much faster and easier
(not to mention cheaper) to make a good graphical logical view in ITM than
it is to create the equivalent view in TBSM.
TBSM has greater abilities than ITM but, out-of-the-box ITM is strong too.
If I were a CFO given the choice between buying TBSM+Services or buying
more ITM services to get BSMLite then I think I’d rather get the ITM
(I admit my ITM skills are much greater than my TBSM ones, but TBSM has a
much too high learning curve IMO and it’s just too long before you get
something better than you’d get with ITM)

So, what I think is really missing, and would be a great outcome from the
DevCamp would be:
1. A good, real world ITM-TADDM-TBSM integration story.
2. TBSM out-of-the-box templates/canvases which would knock the socks off
ITM logical views.

Just to introduce myself, I’m a new member of IBM Israel, but before
joining IBM I spent a few years as Monitoring department head, migrating
from ITM5 to ITM6 in my organization and before that as a project manager
working with ITM5 for monitoring needs.

I’m just jealous that I won’t be joining you ;)


Robert Barron
Enterprise Management Specialist
IBM Israel
Telefax: +972 3 9188965
Mobile: +972 52 2554965

I am looking for volenters to help organize the Wiki. If you haven’t worked with a Wiki I can give you a jumstart training lesson and you can get some new skills in the bargain. Let me know.

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One Response to “DevCampTivoli Updates”

  1. Toby Pass Says:
    March 14th, 2008 at 7:52 pm

    just to add … ITM 6.x for dashboard views is very flexible, especially if you modify the style sheets.

    However the advantages to TBSM 4.x, that I can see is:
    proper severities colours for a service (ie yellow if 1 node out of 3 fails, orange if 2 nodes fail and red if all 3 nodes fail – however you can change that severity as it propogates up to reflect the actual business status – a good demonstration?

    Also maintenance mode is a good feature.

    The real power of TBSM though is being able to create business process views or operational dashboards from other datasources like CMDB’s and for it to automatically make these changes on the fly as it re-reads the database – that would be worth demonstrating!

    However I agree with Roberts views that ITM 6.x can create these views very quickly and considerably cheaper, all be it, a bit clunky depending on your screen resolution and the number of updates required to maintain the view and so long as you do not need to keep changing the background picture/gif/jpg etc.

    Kind regards,
    Toby Pass