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40 Days of Rag on ValleyWag Day #10 – One quarter of the way done

By John | March 20, 2008

I was going to go mid-evil-rag on the rag tonight however I realized I am not that evil. It seems the boys and girls and the bottom-feeders over at the rag are really starting to dislike me and that’s no fun at all. This was supposed to be a joke. I am still amazed how they ironically don’t have a sense of humor about this. They attack everyone else. Anyway, I am looking for a real good reason to fade to black on this 40rag thing. Sure, “Old Sweaty”, was doing her Hookernomics yesterday about how to go to strip clubs and stuff. “How to go to Strip Clubs”, Although I gave strip clubs up when my kids were born, I never needed instructions on how to go to a strip club. Can you say Cheetah in Altanta?

Here are the current results of my poll.


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