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40 Days of Rag on ValleyWag Day #8 – What a Freakin Stupid Idea

By John | March 18, 2008

Yea, yeah, sure, sure…

What a freakin’ stupid idea this 40rag on valleywag idea was. Actually, it now seems more like a daily chore. I don’t know if you have noticed, but I am even using the dreaded “more” page break as a courtesy to my otherwise sane readers. I would stop, but making a fool out of myself has never been a motivation to stop some of the really stupid things I have done in my life. I actually believe that purposely making a fool out of one’s self is as close to nirvana as one can get. The 40rag is generating no extra traffic, and, in fact, the last few entries have had very few pageviews. I was hoping the sheep over at Techcrunch would pick up on this, but maybe they deserve the valleyrag wrath after all. All and all, this is a viral experiment gone wrong. That being said …

Old Sweaty was running the numbers again with her Hookernomics. In true Levitt style, she was running the numbers on the Bunny Ranch’s offer to host Ashley Dupre. You have to admit that the girl is consistent. Wasup with the Bunny Ranch? I have head stories about guys’ wives letting them go to Vegas for one night and one night only. Maybe on my 50th birthday… naaaaw.

On a positive note, this really sucks doesn’t it? However, I said I would do 40 days and gol darn it I am going to do 40 days … , I really like that song they played on the valleywag site the other day “We didn’t start the bubble,” but I can’t seem to re-create it. Also, wasup with this 250 mystery? It sounds like really cool stuff. Oh, yeah, I started a poll on whether I should stop the 40rags or not. My expereice is that not a lot of people vote on these things, but a few super delagtes chimmed in, so here are the results thus far…

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