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This is a problem … Why?

By John | November 28, 2007

Gartner warns of misguided virtualization strategies

However, virtualization has a dark side, according to Bittman. Virtualization increases service demands from the business, so IT needs to be ready. Virtualization eases the “friction,” or barriers to entry, of getting new capabilities from IT. When business units perceive that they can get new capabilities easily, they will start making more demands.

I have been in IT services for thirty years, and my experience has been that, when you give customers better service, they will ask for more service, which is usually a good thing. I agree with Bittman’s point about process issues in a physical to virtual transition, but that’s a process issue, not a virtualiztion issue. If an organization used to take 3 weeks to provision a customer’s service and now, due to virtualization, it takes only a few hours, this should be a problem only if they don’t have a request/change process. If they don’t have a change process, then virtualization will be only one of many other problems that they will encounter.

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