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Austin Chronicle: Whurley named 2008′s “Best Evil Genius”

By John | November 8, 2008

This is the kind if shit that happens when you can’t sleep at night. You wind up finding weird articles like this to fill the void.

It looks like our beloved friend Whurley (a.k.a Marty) aced Austin’s coveted “Best evil Genius” award. I believe it was a tight race between Whurley and some dude named Leslie. In the end that dude was no match for the visionary systems theorist, skateboarder, and self-proclaimed evil genius.

All joking aside, if you don’t know William Hurley (Whurley), you should. Whurley is a classic example of what Malcolm Gladwell calls a connector. I might add one caveot – “He is a connector with a soul.”


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